10 U.S. states have passed laws to ban various cage confinement systems for farm animals. Dozens of major companies are mandating cage-free housing. Consumers want cages gone. Scientists and veterinarians decry cage confinement as cruel. No matter how you slice it, one thing is clear…

"Industrial confinement is cruel and senseless and [should be]… a short-lived anomaly in modern farming."

The New York Times

Confining animals in cages has no place on today's farms. The CEO of the world's largest veal company has called cage confinement "inhumane and archaic." The CEO of the world's largest pork company has said that eliminating cages "will maintain farms' value for years to come." And the president of the United Egg Producers has called his industry's standard cage confinement system "ridiculous."

"Cage-free hens pushed to rule the roost."

USA Today

"Consumers don't think that a…cage the size of a podium for two years is enough. It isn't enough. It's ridiculous."

United Egg Producers

"There's organic. There's fair trade. But humane is the next big thing. We ask shoppers what they're looking for, and that is what they're telling us."

SuperMarket Guru

"[Confinement] crates are inhumane and archaic practices that do nothing more than…[cause] stress, fear, physical harm and pain."

Strauss Veal

More than 60 leading companies have condemned cage confinement, mandating better conditions for animals in their supply chains. This includes companies like Burger King, Starbucks, Nestle, Unilever, Sodexo, and others switching to 100% cage-free eggs. Here is what just a few of them have to say (hover over each logo to see their statements)…

The science is clear that shifting away from cage confinement also improves food safety. Over 15 studies comparing cage housing vs. cage-free housing for egg-laying hens found higher rates of the Salmonella in the cage housing.

"Salmonella thrives in cage housing."

World Poultry

"Are battery cages to blame for egg recall?"


"Egg recall heats up debate over caging chickens."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Salmonella outbreak spurs push against industrial farms."

USA Today

"Living creatures…lie trapped by the millions in a sunless hell of metal and concrete."